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While the official NATO meetings with the Heads of State and other government officials will be closed to the public, there will be many public events leading up to and during the summits that Chicagoans can attend to learn about foreign policy and current events.  The Host Committee is working with many Chicago organizations, including The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, to present these events.  They will provide Chicagoans an opportunity to learn more about NATO and to hear from prominent government officials and leading foreign policy leaders.

Chicago Council on Global Affairs

As one of the two principal partners of World Business Chicago’s Host Committee, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is offering a suite of activities designed to connect the public to the global discourse.

Working with local and international partners, The Chicago Council will contribute substantively to the policy discussions informing the Summit and provide a public education platform for Chicagoans to consider the pressing international issues.

The Council's full coverage of the summit can be found on their website. Read the press release for more information about their programming in advance of the summit.

Starting in March with the visit from the U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO Ivo Daalder, The Chicago Council is hosting a number of noted foreign policy experts to headline a speaker’s series that is open to the public. In addition, The Chicago Council is planning a number of conferences on global issues.

See a full schedule of upcoming events from the Chicago Council on their website. Many of these events will also be listed on our Events page.