Stay Connected to the Summits

Although the Chicago NATO Summit is closed to the public, there are plenty of ways for you to stay connected with what is going on at McCormick Place. Here are the best sources of information to keep you updated:

  • NATO’s page for the Chicago summit is the main source for official updates from NATO’s leadership during the summit. NATO will update this page with news stories, resolutions and declarations from the meetings. You can also find information there about NATO’s goals and objectives for this summit.
  • You can watch for videos and live-streams of the summit from the official NATO news agency. You can also watch NATO’s official Youtube channel.
  • The State Department also has a page for live broadcasts and video of meetings and press conferences with President Obama.
  • If you have a smartphone, NATO has developed a special app with a wealth of resources on the Chicago summit. You can find that app here.
  • Social media is also a great way to stay informed with timely updates from the summit. You can visit the official NATO Facebook page, or you can follow the official NATO twitter account, @NATO, the NATO press office twitter, @NATOPress, or the twitter of the NATO Secretary General, @AndersFoghR.
  • NATO also has an official Flickr feed, where you can view pictures of NATO meetings and events.

The Chicago NATO Host Committee will also be working to keep you informed about the summit. For updates from the Media Center, notes about NATO-related programming, Host Committee events, and news stories about the summit, follow us on Twitter, @ChicagoNATO or visit our Facebook page. We will also be posting Reports and Declarations, Video, and photos from the summit.