"Chicago is a magnet for those who think big"

The Chicago NATO Host Committee is working with groups on a variety of sports, culinary, and cultural programs to inform and engage our community. The summit offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our city—and especially our students—to witness world leaders working together to address global challenges.

The City and the Chicago NATO Host Committee are committed to raising money through private donations and federal reimbursements to cover the costs associated with the summit so it does not burden taxpayers.

While the summit will take place over the course of just two days, its impact will be felt across Chicago and the entire region, both immediately and over the long term.

The Host Committee will be holding periodic briefings for specific community groups in the coming weeks to detail preparations for the summit in May. These briefings are listed on our Events page.

Short-term economic impact.

The Chicago metropolitan area will experience a significant uptick in economic activity. In the months leading up to the summits, as planning get underway, the city’s hospitality industry, its restaurants, and its retailers will all experience increased business. This will culminate, of course, during the summits themselves in May. More information about the economic impact of the summit on the city of Chicago can be found in this study, done for the Host Committee by the accounting firm Deloitte.

Heightened international profile.

Judging from the impact of past NATO summits, the hundreds of journalists arriving in Chicago can be expected to write thousands of stories, many of them highlighting the city and its strengths. Chicago can expect to receive the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars in free advertising in top international markets around the world.

New long-term opportunities.

The city is uniquely well-positioned to capture many long-term economic benefits associated with the NATO summit: Chicago’s existing international outreach, ethnic diversity, established network of Sister Cities, and active consulates provide a foundation to strengthen current ties and create new relationships.

Additional programming and events

Our programming includes sporting events; a video project for students; and a special citywide dine-around program for which Chicago’s restaurants will be creating special global menus.